The Centre for Construction and Transportation Machinery

grb cgtmScience-research program of the Centre for Construction and Transportation Machinery comprises research and development of new generation of construction and mining machines, transportation systems and carrier constructions in machine building. The Centre has established wide scientific and professional cooperation with other research centres performing research in this area.

The coordinator of the Centre for Construction and Transportation Machinery is Dr. Milomir Gasic, Full Professor at the Faculty. The Centre has corresponding licences for design (group 333), review and testing of the working equipment and judicial expertise in the area of mechanical technique.

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  • Designing and operating the transportation, construction and mining machines
  • Designing of transportation systems
  • Designing of storage systems
  • Developing carrier constructions of machine equipment
  • Designing and operating ski-lifts and cable-cars
  • Review, testing of devices and machines with professional certificates -attests on applied health and safety measures at work
  • Operating the building construction, supervision of building and equipment at construction site
  • Project revisions, recension, expertise and judicial expertise


  • The main project of the Double girder bridge crane with the capacity of Q=16t and range L=13,65m
  • The project of reconstruction of bearing arrangement and the engine of the dredger's wheel SRs 2000.32/5.0 (2x670 kW)+VR92
  • The main project of mini hydropower station - mechanical part of the project
  • The main project of hydraulic passenger elevator in residential-business building
  • The main project of hydraulic cargo elevator for cars in residential-business building
  • The main mechanical project of touristic cable car Golijska reka -Jankov kamen
  • The project of cable car Krcmar-Technica! control of functionality and conditions analysis
  • The main project of derived condition of factory facility for storing and packing the provender
  • The main project of modular metal floor-garage
  • The main project of angular steel-net transmission towers 35KV-EMKV-35-U0-30


  1. Software for measuring and acquisition of measured values Catman®
  2. System for measuring the remaining stress by measuring tapes MST3000
  3. System for testing the protection at flipping the machines of construction and transportation machinery

cgtm 4   cgtm 4

International and national projects

International projects:

  1. TEMPUSJEP 40069-2005 - Multidisciplinary Studies of Design in Mechanical Engineering

National projects:

  1. Istrazivanje i razvoj novih koncepcija veza okretne i neokretne konstrukcije masina transportne i gradevinske mehanizacije. Technology Development Project No. TR 35038
  2. Istrazivanje i razvoj novih generacija zuba kasike rotornih bagera i bagera vedricara, Technology Development Project No. TR 14038
  3. Novo resenje modularne metalne spratne garaze, Innovation Project No. 451 -01 -02960/2006-09
  4. Primena rekuperativnog razmenjivaca za koriscenje otpadne toplote u mehanicki i hemijski abrazivnim sredinama, Primena konvektivno-zracnog rekuperatora za koriscenje otpadne toplote staklarske peci, Project No. NP EE302-70B

The most important references

  1. Savkovic M., Gasic M., Catic D., Nikolic R„ Pavlovic G.(2012): Optimization Of The Box Section Of The Main Girder Of The Bridge Crane With The Rail Placed Above The Web Plat, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2013) Vol. 47 (2); 273-288, DOI: 10.1007/S00158-012-0813-5, (M21)
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  4. Savkovic M., Gasic M„ Arsic M., Petrovic R. (2011) Analysis Of The Axle Fracture Of The Bucket Wheel Excavator, Engineering Failure Analysis, 18 (2011) 433-441, DOI 10.1016/j.engfailanal.2010.09.031, (M21)
  5. Gasic M, Savkovic M, Bulatovic R (2011) Optimization Of Trapezoidal Cross Section Of The Truck Crane Boom By Lagrange's Multipliers And By Differential Evolution Algorithm (De). Strojniski vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 57(2011)4, 304-312, DOI: 10.5545/sv-jme.2008.029, (M23)

The most important prototypes, products, services, strategies and methodologies


  • Prototype of modular solution of steel prefabricated floor-garage


  • New method of securing the machine from flipping - ROPS


  • Control and testing of devices and machines with issuing the professional certificates - attests on applied measures of protection at work

  • Elaboration of projects, project revisions, professional and judicial expertise, target group: industrial enterprises


  • Realization of professional training programme (for following activities: elaboration and management of project documentation of machine constructions based on three dimensional models of parts and assemblies)


Dr. Milomir Gasic, Full Professor

Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Dositejeva19, 36000 Kraljevo, Serbia

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:     +381 (0) 36 383 379; +381 (0) 65  20 87  171