Design of Experiments

Study program: Mechanical engineering
Type and level of studies: Doctoral studies
Course unit: pdfDesign of Experiments
Course code: DS21009
Teacher in charge: pdfProf. Dr. Milan Kolarević
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: None
Semester: Spring
Course unit objective:
Introduction to the mathematical theory of modern concepts of planning and analysis of experiments and possibilities of application of the methodology DOE (Design of Experiments) to solve the problem of optimization technology and manufacturing processes.
Learning outcomes of the course unit
Mastering complex statistical methods and procedures for planning and analysis of experiments in order to solve practical engineering and scientific problems.
Course unit contents
Theoretical classes
  • Experiment as an object of scientific investigation.
  • Basis of statistical concepts. The role of statistics in the design and analysis of experiments. Mathematical and statistical modeling. Statistical inference.
  • Basic methods in the theory of experiments. The division of experimental plans. Analysis of variance (ANOVA). One-factor plans. Two-Factor plans. Multifactor plans.
  • Regression analysis. Basic concepts. Simple linear regression model. Simple curvilinear regression. Model of a multiple linear regression. Models of multiple nonlinear regressions.
  • Experiments with mixtures (experiments with mixtures). The properties of the mixture. Simplex plan. Scheffe's simplex plan. Draper-Lawrence plan. The basic regression models. The graphical representation of the model in a triangular coordinate system.
  • Special plans for process improvement. Taguchi methods.
Practical classes
The practical realization of experiments in the laboratory
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