Structural Analysis of Material Handling Machines

Study program: Mechanical engineering
Type and level of studies: PhD studies
Course unit: pdfStructural Analysis of Material Handling Machines
Course code: DS21005
Teacher in charge: pdfDr. Nebojša Zdravković
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: Structural and stress analysis
Semester: Summer
Course unit objective:
Systematic gaining a higher level of knowledge in the field of structural analysis of material handling machines, as well as their design on the basis of which they achieve advanced performance.
Learning outcomes of the Course unit
Mastering the principles and knowledge in the field of structural analysis of material handling machines, which includes: static, dynamic and frequency analysis that can be used for design optimization of material handling machines.
Course unit contents
Theoretical classes
Classification of analysis methods. Analytical methods. Numerical methods. Finite element method. Method of deformation. Geometric and discrete model. Discretization errors. Pre and post processing. Defining loads and constraints. Static, dynamic and modal analysis of supporting structures of the material handling machines. Nonlinear structural analysis. The dynamic response of the structure to the external excitation. Contact problems  in material handling machines.
Practical classes
Examples of reliability analysis of material handling machines . Laboratory exercises using the software packages.
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