Digital Processing of Experimental Data

Study program: Mechanical engineering
Type and level of studies: Doctoral studies
Course unit: pdfDigital Processing of Experimental Data
Course code: DS21001
Teacher in charge: pdfProf. Dr. Zlatan Šoškić
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: None
Semester: Spring
Course unit objective:
To introduce students with problems and concepts of digital data acquisition, and to teach them digital data processing techniques which enable reliable description of studied objects and processes by the acquired data.
Learning outcomes of the Course unit
A student is able to design an adequate data acquisition system, select its components and select an appropriate data processing procedure that would enable measurements within the sufficient error limits.
Course unit contents
Theoretical classes
An overview of structure and characteristics of measurement systems. Classification and concepts of digital signal representation. Sampling, digitalization and reconstruction of signals. Data processing techniques: frequency analysis, filtering, correlation and spectral power analysis.
Practical classes
A student project consists of design and software implementation of data processing procedure relevant for research interest of the student. The project is tested on experimental or simulated data.
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