Factory Plants

Study program: Mechanical engineering
Type and level of studies: Master studies
Course unit: pdfFactory Plants
Course code:MS14110
Teacher in charge: pdfDr Nebojša Zdravković
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: None
Semester: Autumn
Course unit objective:
Systematic obtaining a general knowledge in the field of design construction and operation of manufacturing plants, as well as problems of material movement, layout and operation of the equipment. Also, define the general guidelines for the design of manufacturing plants and compliance with applicable regulations and standards.
Learning outcomes of the Course unit
Introducing the principles of training and knowledge to work as an engineer in the design, construction and operation of manufacturing plants, material movement, layout and operation of equipment as well as connection with industrial complex and the environment.
Course unit contents
Theoretical classes
The goal of the design. Design factory. Technical and other requirements for the design. Previous analyzes. The Terms of Reference. The scope, method of preparation and content of the project study. The choice of location for setting up the factory. Types of factory buildings. Program production. The volume of production. Design layout and technical capacity. Subsystems factory. The division and classification workshop. Movement of materials. The movement of people. The interdependence of internal transport and deployment of equipment. The main types of internal transport system. Determining the capacity of the system. Criteria for the selection of the transport system. Methods for analyzing the movement of materials. Data collection for the analysis of material movement. Queuing theory. Basic models of the queuing theory. The main types of production. Interaction of the production process and internal transport. Determining the degree of automation. The design procedure. Determine the number and capacity of production and other equipment and the required number of jobs and workers. Calculation of the required surface. The basic principles of layout of machines, jobs and land. Making of workshops and the whole factory plan. Setting up equipment, admission and dispatch ramps, utility area.
Practical classes
Introducing the derived solutions of manufacturing plants.
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