Quality Management & Engineering

Study program: Mechanical engineering
Type and level of studies: Master academic studies
Course unit: pdfQuality Management & Engineering
Course code: MS14110
Teacher in charge: pdfProf. Dr. Mirko Djapic
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: None
Semester: Winter
Course unit objective:
The course is an introductory course in the area related to the quality of systems, products and processes. The aim of the course is to provide participants with fundamental knowledge related to the philosophy, principles and methodology of quality management and engineering in the modern business environment.
Learning outcomes of the Course unit
Acquiring knowledge and skills about philosophies, principles, methods and tools of quality management and engineering in the modern production systems on the management and operational engineering level.
Course unit contents
Theoretical classes
The concept and evolution of quality in engineering and management; Basic concepts and definitions; The principles of management and quality engineering; National Infrastructure for quality improvement; Theories and models in quality management; Standardized Management Systems; ISO 9000 principles, models and applications; Seven tools of management and quality engineering; Quality Function Deployment (QFD); FEMA methods; Quality costs; Modern concepts of quality improvement.
Practical classes
Practical exercising with modeling management system in the business enterprises and application seven tools of management and quality engineering. Students will prepared and defense project from the fields.
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