Statistical Process Control

Study program: Mechanical engineering
Type and level of studies: Master studies
Course unit: pdfStatistical Process Control
Course code: MS13120
Teacher in charge: pdfProf. Dr. Milan Kolarević
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: Statistics and probability
Semester: Autumn
Course unit objective:
Introduction to basic concepts of statistical quality control as methodology for solving practical problems.
Learning outcomes of the course unit
Mastering the techniques of applying statistical process control through practical examples of the application of statistical tools for analyzing and improving product quality and ensuring stability and process capability.
Course unit contents
Theoretical classes
  • Quality, process and control. TQM, SPC process and system. Understanding the processes and statistical process control.
  • Tolerances. The loss function
  • The collection and presentation of data
  • The variability of the process
  • Process capability
  • Measurement errors. The optimal level of the process. Setting up the process.
  • Process control
  • Process control with numerical quality characteristics
  • Attribute control charts
  • Designing quality control charts
  • Process Improvement
Practical classes
Exercise, Other modes of teaching, Study research work
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