About Kraljevo

Serbia is located at the heart of Balkan peninsula, in South-East Europe. Equally influenced by Western and Eastern cultures since the time of separation of Roman Empire, Serbia has developed and maintains balance between the two parts of what is usually called the Western civillization. Serbia has three parts: on the north are plains of Vojvodina, in the middle are hills of Sumadija, and the southern part consists of intertwined mountain chains that, over the territories of southern neighbours, go all the way to Adriatic, Aegean and Ionic seas.

Kraljevo is a town in Central Serbia, located at mouth of river Ibar, which flows to river Western Morava. Steep and wild sides of scarcely populated canyon of the Ibar river represent a major North-to-South transport corridor of Serbia. On the contrary, the wide, fertile and densely populated valley of Western Morava represents a major West-to-East transport corridor.

Being at the crossroad of those corridors, Kraljevo was always an important transport node of Serbia, and center of interaction between its mountaneous and hilly regions. Such a geographic position pre-determined Kraljevo for centuries to be center of production and trade of agriculture and wood processing. Its central position within Serbia led to establishment of important military transport factories, airplane factory in 1927 and wagon factory in 1936, which transformed Kraljevo to an industrial town through whole XX century. However, social changes at the end of the XX and beginning of XXI century led to demise of the industry and overall decline of the town, that still looks for its new identity.

Due to the importance of the respective economy branches, Kraljevo was the site of the first Serbian schools specialized for agriculture and wood processing. However, the changes in economy during the XX century contributed to establishment of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering specialized in heavy machinery structures (especially railway wagons, construction machinery, mining machinery and continuous transport systems), that was later transformed to Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo.